Clear the Air

Sardis Plumbing cleans the air you breathe with specialized equipment designed to clean dryer vents, ducts, and furnaces. Property management discounts are available. Want clean air? Just call. We’ll be there! We service residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our TQ Journeyman is bonded and insured. We also offer furnace replacement and repair. Make the call today.

Breathe Easy

We’d all like to think that we are breathing fresh, clean air, but there are unseen particulates competing for our breathing space. Dust and allergens are particularly tough on kids and the elderly. Rodents and rodent droppings can contaminate the air you breathe. Even your dryer has it in for you. You’ve been cleaning the lint trap, but that’s not enough.

Our Services

Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Furnaces breathe by taking fresh air in, heating it and blowing it throughout your house. That’s the air you breathe, and it’s full of the old dust that lines your house’s ducts. Have them cleaned today and start breathing clean air again. Licensed gasfitters, bonded and insured.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer’s little filter does a good job of catching lint, but it’s the lint that you don’t see that is clogging up your dryer vents and making the dryer work overtime on each load.Wait long enough, and that becomes a genuine fire hazard. Call Sardis Plumbing today and give yourself some peace of mind.

Insulation and Large Particle Removal

Sometimes you’ve got a job that requires vacuuming up large particles. That’s handy, because we’ve got large hoses capable of vacuuming up large particles. Renovating or upgrading? Old insulation doesn’t like to be stirred up or disturbed. Better to call the pros, and let us vacuum it up. No more problem.

Rodent Decontamination

Having rodents in your house or attic doesn’t mean you aren’t clean. It just means that you have a house or attic. Rodent droppings dry up and become airborne dust. Get it cleaned out now, before you begin breathing it in. Residential, commercial or industrial.