From Faucet

to Furnace and more.

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From Faucet

to Furnace and more.

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Wet or Dry

Sardis Plumbing and Heating offers all types of plumbing repairs including water leaks, hot water tank replacement, hot water heating systems and sewer and drain cleaning. We also offer installation, service and repair for submersible and jet pump systems.

Our technicians are government certified as well as being licensed, bonded and insured.

Hot or Cold

Sardis Plumbing and Heating offers professional furnace installation, service, maintenance and repair. This is the same for oil, natural gas and propane furnaces. Residential, commercial and industrial. We offer annual maintenance programs for peace of mind. Ask when you call.

Our technicians are government certified gas-fitters as well as being licensed, bonded and insured. We only hire Red Seal technicians.

Plumbing & Heating Services

Count on Sardis Plumbing and Heating for all types of plumbing repairs. Hot water heater shot? We'll get you a new one. Don't live with plumbing problems. Call the experts and leave it to us.

Sardis Plumbing and Heating has the equipment and know-how to install, repair, service or maintain submersible and jet pump systems. We also clean sewers and drains.

Nothing is worse than having a problem with a furnace during winter. Don't wait for a problem. Have your furnace inspected today. We also offer annual maintenance programs.

Sardis Plumbing and Heating is part of a group of companies that provides professional duct cleaning and air conditionng and refrigeration services. Commercial, industrial, residential or strata...we'll be there.


Angus Gregory

I called them at 8:06 am, they had a tech here by 9:00 am. Fortis gas had replaced my meter a few weeks ago and mentioned my Thermocoupler was not in alignment with the pilot light. This had caused the pilot light to shut off with the slightest draft. They assessed the furnace, and repaired the issues, including cleaning the (reusable) filter, cleaning the partially plugged jets, adjusting the blower unit etc.! Now our ancient gas furnace is working like new again! Thanks Isaac I was expecting a bill over $300 and the bill was under $200.00

FV Bully

Great service, friendly and delivered as promised. I won't hesitate to use them again. The hot water heater died on the long weekend with a house full of family and they came out on a Saturday and fixed it with a smile and a professional manner. Great crew!

Riordan Wolff

Broke a piece made of unobtainium on my well fed pressure tank, spoke to Terry on the phone and he started searching for it immediately. He also sent a guy over to take a look at it. At the end of it all I ended up ordering it through a local plumbing supply store, but not after a considerable amount of legwork (this part was a serious pain to track down).

Through it all he did a not inconsiderable amount of legwork himself and also offered me alternatives to get water back in my house a lot quicker. He also kept in touch with me far better than most places would. If the previous owner of my house had installed a jobber tank instead of a retail one I have no doubts that they would have had me back up and running in less than a day.

I was very impressed with the promptness of the service and the actual care involved. Far too often these days it's like pulling hens teeth to get things done, especially when companies are busy, but Terry actually wanted to help me get fixed back up and to me that makes all the difference. In the future if I have plumbing problems again my first call will be to Sardis Plumbing & Heating